Whether your preferred method of social distancing is iso-bation or quarantine & chill; the global lock-down doesn’t have to lock you down. Self-Isolate is now a synonym for masturbate, so here’s some humour with a few handy tips thrown in for good measure to keep us sane during the current confinement.

Whiling away the days in self-isolation can be a bore when you can’t turn on the television, open your emails or pass time scrolling through social media without being bombarded by repetitive calls to wash ya damn hands! Touching your face might be contra-indicated but touching your junk need not be.

The Devil makes work for idle hands, and here at Passion Apple; we understand the importance of blowing off a little steam during anxious times. So, we have curated a sexy selection of boredom-beaters to keep you occupied and orgasaming all outbreak long.


Eating out doesn’t have to mean leaving the house

Quarantine needn’t rain off your parade when some of you sexy specimens are lucky enough to be holed up with your significant other. So, make the most of the extra time you now have together by exploring new heights of intimacy and kink. Our sex toys for couples are designed for simultaneous satisfaction! The huge collection of orgasmic gadgetry includes remote control vibratorssuggestive gamesbountiful bondage bundlesstrap-ons and so much more!


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