Move over, Silicone! A strong contender is vying to fulfil your sensual desires… Your private parts may not be acquainted with the hard stuff just yet, but the benefits of toying with glass are crystal clear.
With its rigid constitution and superior build quality, glass is firmly pushing sex toy industry standards for both safety and elegance.
So, let us shatter your erotic expectations with reasons why you’ll take a shine to these sleek sex toys…
The craftsmanship of glass imbues an undeniable sense of luxury into these sparkling toys. Beaded, smoked or delicately patterned, the aesthetic quality of erotic glassware is hard to resist! Sensory types will fall head over heels with the colourful effects and iridescence of these sex toy-cum-ornaments. Easily mistaken for modern pieces of art, erotic glassware makes an attractive display for any bedroom dresser. This elegant material is fast becoming a mark of taste for modern sex toy enthusiasts everywhere. So, why substitute style for pleasure when you can have both?

It’s Hypoallergenic
Unregulated elastomers, rubbers and silicones that comprise the majority of the sex toy market can sometimes contain toxic nasties, such as BPA and phthalates, that react with your skin. But, the unreactive character of medical-grade Borosilicate glass makes it the ideal sex toy material for allergic and sensitive types. The heat treatment of this ‘hard’ glass means that it is essentially ‘lead-free crystal’, i.e.; completely non-toxic, so it’s 100% body-safe.

Hygiene Is a Breeze
The non-porous integrity of this material means that dirt and odours cannot get trapped within its surface. So, not only is the glazed, smooth effect easy to polish, you won’t get bacterial build-up at all. For extra convenience, you can cleanse your glass sex toy by putting it in the dishwasher too! Borosilicate is essentially Pyrex and can withstand very high temperatures, so you needn’t worry.

Precision Pleasure
The solid character of erotic glassware provides the user with the sumptuous sensation of firm, direct pressure to your erogenous zones. Commonly shaped for sensational G-spot or P-spot stimulation, glass is super beneficial for those who orgasm from hard toys with rigid structures.

You Can’t Spell Glass Without ‘Ass‘
Smooth, non-porous glass glides comfortably into your butt without being tainted by nasty smells or bacterial build-up. The ‘weighted’ feel provides a heightened awareness of anal sensations, while the glossy surface lets your toy glide effortlessly with a few drops of your favourite lube. Anal orgasms are easier to achieve when comfort and pressure are combined.


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